Domain Names

A Domain Name is said to be just as important to a new internet business as location is in the Real Estate business. There isn’t much point in having a website if people don’t see it.

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There are a number of ways a domain name can help you get traffic to your website.
Firstly a name that is catchy will be easier to remember and make it easier for people to return to your site.
Secondly your domain name can give people an indication of the type of business you have.

If you are creating a website for a local business, getting traffic from all over the web may not be important to you. This is because your customers will be local and you may want to grow your brand name in a specific area.
However, if being found in the major search engines is important to you, then you should register a name that contains the major keywords that your target audience would likely use when they search.

Finding a good Domain Name that is available can be quite hard. Start by creating a list of keywords that relate to your business or describe your site. You can then use one of the free online tools such as DomainTools to help find a suitable Domain Name.

Once you find your new domain name, you'll need to register it. There are many companies that provide domain name registration services.